Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Why I Wrote Another Mouse Clicker

Here are some of the important reasons behind me writing, so called, 'another automatic mouse click generator'!
  1. Because it is not just another fast mouse clicker. It can generate drags repetitively - smoothly and quickly like no other application does.
  2. It's configurable. I can configure the clicker duration, sleep time between clicks, time and click based stopping criteria. All essential configuration that I may need at any time, are in there. If you are using latest version (1.3.1 or later), you can also configure keyboard shortcut keys.
  3. It's fast - superfast. Though it is highly configurable, you don't require any training to operate it. I keep forgetting keyboard short-cuts (same goes for my every other anniversary), so I kept the help right there, making it faster to use advance features.
  4. It's easy. Last but not least, it's super easy to use it. I've used other software earlier for the same purpose and it feels like my computer science degree is not enough for them. This is probably the biggest reason why wrote it my own.

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