Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Auto Mouse Click Generator and Antivirus Warnings

Some of the antivirus software (like mine - Avast) doesn't like a program which automatically generates mouse clicks or listens for keyboard keys. This is expected nature of antivirus and nothing wrong with that. This is the reason why your antivirus may falsely consider Auto Mouse Click Generator as potential threat.
Be assured that Auto Mouse Click Generator is NOT a threat to your computer. Actually, it is far from threat! Why? Simply because it is completely free and open source software (GPL2 license) unlike many other similar applications, so everyone is welcome to have look at the code which is publicly available.
Just like all other Open Source Software, this one too was written with good spirit of sharing something good with everyone. I created this in my free time over the weekends without expecting anything back in return for my time. This one is, my friend, free beer (and chilled too)!

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