Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Auto Mouse Click Generator and Antivirus Warnings

Some of the antivirus software (like mine - Avast) doesn't like a program which automatically generates mouse clicks or listens for keyboard keys. This is expected nature of antivirus and nothing wrong with that. This is the reason why your antivirus may falsely consider Auto Mouse Click Generator as potential threat.
Be assured that Auto Mouse Click Generator is NOT a threat to your computer. Actually, it is far from threat! Why? Simply because it is completely free and open source software (GPL2 license) unlike many other similar applications, so everyone is welcome to have look at the code which is publicly available.
Just like all other Open Source Software, this one too was written with good spirit of sharing something good with everyone. I created this in my free time over the weekends without expecting anything back in return for my time. This one is, my friend, free beer (and chilled too)!

Why I Wrote Another Mouse Clicker

Here are some of the important reasons behind me writing, so called, 'another automatic mouse click generator'!
  1. Because it is not just another fast mouse clicker. It can generate drags repetitively - smoothly and quickly like no other application does.
  2. It's configurable. I can configure the clicker duration, sleep time between clicks, time and click based stopping criteria. All essential configuration that I may need at any time, are in there. If you are using latest version (1.3.1 or later), you can also configure keyboard shortcut keys.
  3. It's fast - superfast. Though it is highly configurable, you don't require any training to operate it. I keep forgetting keyboard short-cuts (same goes for my every other anniversary), so I kept the help right there, making it faster to use advance features.
  4. It's easy. Last but not least, it's super easy to use it. I've used other software earlier for the same purpose and it feels like my computer science degree is not enough for them. This is probably the biggest reason why wrote it my own.

Fast Mouse Click Generator

Latest version of Auto Mouse Click Generator has a feature called 'Point to Shoot' (which is my favorite feature). This unique feature allows you to generate enormous amount of mouse clicks generated at the place where your mouse pointer is pointing to. Here is how you can make use of the application and generate clicks:
  1. Download Auto Mouse Click Generator. It doesn't require any installation, just runs if you have .NET framework 2.0 installed in your computer (which is by default installed on Windows 7 or later).
  2. Open the Auto Mouse Click Generator app.
  3. Check "Generate clicks when 'F' key is pressed" check-box. Once you check this check-box, you can see 'Point to Shoot' check-box.
  4. Check 'Point to Shoot' check-box. You are almost set. Don't close Auto Mouse Click Generator app, keep it running (it's OK to minimize it). 
  5. Now move your cursor where you want to pounder mouse click (left clicks, of course) onto and PRESS 'F' key in your keyboard. Click will be generated at extremely fast rate till you keep the 'F' pressed. You can keep moving your mouse wherever you want to generate clicks. Release 'F' key when you want to stop this fast mouse clicker.
I loved thinking about this feature so much that I wrote it :) and made it available to everyone so that others also get benefit of it. I bet, once you use this feature of click generation, you will use only this feature because it's super convenience. So, Happy Clicking! And yeah, let me know how it goes.