Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Auto Mouse Click Generator Suggestions

Here are the enhancement requests for Auto Mouse Click Generator that came to me from friends and foes.
  1. Single Exe: Remove dependency over mousekeyboardlibrary as dll. This will make easy for people to share and save.
  2. 'Fire where mouse is': Allow user to keep to point mouse anywhere in the screen and fire clicks when press 'F' key. (checked-in)
  3. Put a good icon that symbolizes functionality and it's ease of use.
  4. Labels need change to 'drag' for 'drag'. (checked-in)
  5. Allow stop duration in minutes or number of clicks. i.e. the Mouse Click Generator should stop generating click once the stop condition is reached (otherwise pressing 'S' button).(checked-in)


  1. Code for 2, 4 and 5 are checked-in. Take it if you are in hurry. Or wait for version 1.2

  2. version 1.3.1 is release. It has features to configure keyboard shortcut keys. Enoy!