Monday, January 7, 2013

Auto Mouse Click Generator 1.3.1 - Introduction

Hola! If your fingers are hurting when you hit that click button 5 times a seconds to monkey test your application, Automatic Mouse Click Generator is the right tool for you. This automatic mouse clicker application is a very compact, easy to use, yet powerful tool which is designed to meet need of a regular mouse click/drag testing. This application has unique feature of simulating smooth mouse drag evens also which you cannot find in any other tools that are available doing similar tasks. And what more, this tool is free! Truely Free, as it is published under GPL2 license.


Generate Clicks - Where You Want
Just configure where you want to click by pointin mouse cursor to target location and press "A" (or simply 'a') from keyboard. Pressing A will populate "Click at: X ... Y ..." fields automatically (alternatively, you can type it yourself in text boxes). Then click on "Generate" button to start clicks. Don't forget shortcut key to stop auto generated clicks, which is "S" (or 's').
Generate Drags
Point mouse cursor FROM where you want to drag, then press A (or 'a') from keyboard. Then point mouse cursor TO where you want and press B from keyboard. Press A and B keyboard shortcuts will populate required fields in software. Then press "Generate" to start drag generation and press short cut key "S" to stop drags.
Clicks or Drags - As Fast As You Want
Configure "Wait between two clicks/drags" in milliseconds. This field will determine how much interval you want to leave free between two clicks. If you reduce this, clicks will happen very fast.
Configure "Mouse button down for" in milliseconds. This field will determine duration between auto generated 'mouse down' and 'mouse up' events. If you reduce this, clicks will happen very fast (in case you are generating drags then drag will happen faster).
Clicks or Drags - As Many As You Want
Configure how many clicks you want to OR for how long you want the auto generation to run. If you don't set any "Stop after ... clicks/drags" or "Stop after ... seconds", the clicks/drags will not stop until you press "S" shortcut in keyboard.

Clicks or Drags - When You Want
This is my second most favorite feature, "Generate Clicks when 'F' key is pressed" (of course, you can change shortcut key). If you enable this, you can generate click only when "F" key is pressed from keyboard.
Clicks or Drags - Where Ever You Want

This is my most favorite feature, "Point to Shoot (clicks where you move mouse)". This feature is only enabled when you use "Generate Clicks when 'F' key is pressed" feature. If you enable this, software will generate click where ever you mouse mouse when "F" key is pressed from keyboard.

Configurable Short Cut
Just click on short cut text (i.e. A, B, S and R in help portion) to customize it to your short cuts. Make sure no two shortcut keys are same, otherwise both events will happen on press the shortcut key. Note that currently combination shortcut keys (like CTRL + A etc.) are NOT supported. I don't find reason to do it.



If you wish you suggest Mouse Click Generator to your friend, give this URL: for download.

I am listening! Please comment for the features that you would love to have.

!!! LOOKING FOR: Graphics contributor to design logo.

Special thanks to  Brian Geiman for writing this article on Code Project. I've used some code (hooks related) from his samples.


  1. Hi. I downloaded this program it is very nice and useful i use it for video games. My only problem is
    that i use WASD to control games. And the program
    has A and S as shortcuts. Is there anyway to change
    the shortcuts??

  2. Hi Sani Mehes.. Thanks for your kind comments. Please download latest version from sourceforge. It has feature to change shortcuts. You can just click on shortcut keys on right side (A,B,S,R and F) to change it to new keys. Currently there is NO support for combination of keys (e.g. CTRL + A etc.). Hope this is helpful.

  3. Hi Yogee and thank you so much. Auto Mouse Click Generator is really useful specially with games.
    I have 2 suggestions:
    1 - Add the version on window title or inside the window (I am sure to downloaded the last version because have the new feuture but if I check property with right click appears
    2 - As exist a key "S" to stop generation of clicks I think can be interesting also a key for start autogeneration of clicks. Eventually can be also the same configurable "S" key.

    1. I agree with both of your comments. I will add version in current version of build in next build where auto start of click is enabled.
      It is good to know that software which I wrote for my own use is helping others as well. This will encourage me to add more stuffs on public domain.

  4. Also, there is a feature which generates click automatically when 'F' key is pressed. Good thing about this feature is that you need not to set a fixed point to click. It will generate click wherever you move your mouse. If your game is using 'F' key for some other feature, you can change the shortcut by clicking on big 'F' character on application.

  5. Thanks for a great program. I've tried several to do what I need and yours is by far the best. The next time you update, I have a couple of suggestions or requests if you have time.
    1. I use long delays between clicks, It would be helpful if we could detect if it is running or not, maybe you could turn the generate button a different color when it is active. Another option might be a countdown timer so we could see when the next click is about to occur.
    2. Another cool option would be to allow an option to read a file that has click and move commands in it. This way you could set up a series of clicks and drags with wait times that are different and loop through this file over and over if necessary. That would add to the versatility.

    Great program, thanks for listening.


    1. > I use long delays between clicks,

      How much time in seconds?

      > Another option might be a countdown timer so we could see when the next click is about to occur.

      I think this feature would be waste for time in ms or less than 4 seconds, as for a countdown you would need a high duration to actually see a countdown & this may make the program heavy.

      > set up a series of clicks and drags with wait times that are different and loop through this file over and over if necessary.

      I'm also dying for this feature. Hope this feature gets added here (though I only want series of clicks at the moment). Or anyone here, please suggest me a software for the time being.

    2. Sorry, I was not a good tester since I didn't provide adequate information. My delays a 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Using these, I sometimes forget if I have it running properly or not. If the countdown is heavy, maybe fall back to the original request. Change the color of the generate button when it is operating and clear the color back to normal when you hit 'S' to stop it. That would help in my situation. Again thanks for listening and thanks for a great program.

  6. Clicks or Drags - Where Ever You Want:

    I feel this is a bug.
    I had set "wait between two clicks" to 500ms to be sure.
    I've attached one screenshot, where I did this for two different points & not lifted the "F" key.

    What the software does at the moment is that, say, before pressing & holding the F key, my mouse was at x:100 & y:200. Now it returns to x:100, y:200 after every 500ms. It should not return to the starting point.
    But still it doesn't show a fixed behavior: mean to say sometimes it registers a click at the current position after 500ms, sometimes it doesn't & sometimes it doesn't.

    What it should do?
    Say, time is 500 ms, initial position: x:100, y:200
    It should LOCATE the CURRENT mouse position & register a click there. then at 1000ms, locate the position & register a click there. then at 1500 ms, locate the position & register a click there and so on...

    If this process takes a long time to execute, set a limit on the allowable minimum time for "wait between two clicks" to say 20 or 50 or 100ms, as you feel right.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the bug. I will try to fix it.

  7. I'd like to add that I've found a software that can do pattern clicking.

    But I'd like to mention that your software was the first software that I could successfully understand out of the 3 or 4 softwares that I downloaded.

    User Interface is excellent for your software & options like stopping clicks by pressing a "customizable" key.

    1. Glad that you found the software easy to use. Also glad that you found pattern clicking software. I will add the pattern clicking, one day - if not today :)

  8. I been playing around with the tool for a few hours.. I almost got it to do what I wanted to do.. Since it does not have the pattern feature we can still replicate it by pressing A before starting the generator to get the new location before we start.. my only issue is that there is no way to start generate without clicking on the actual generate button.. I set to stop after 1 click that way I can just press A for new location and then S? to start it? But it seems to only work if I press S to stop it.

  9. suggestion/how-to(?): successive clicks on different location in a single cycle

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  11. can it support multiple clicking, for multiple accounts?
    clicking all at once.

    1. Didn't get, what do you mean by 'multiple accounts'?

  12. can it click two at once? for example one account on the left and one account on the right clicking two at the same time.

  13. Can we save a current setup for the next start?

  14. cant we click twice under the same command? i mean i want to click{1st location} drag click{2nd location}....and thn repeat this ..i want the loop of two click in different it possible? i can click drag but cant click in the dragged location